Kindergarten Program

If we’ve heard it once we’ve heard it a hundred times… alumni parents enroll their children into a public kindergarten program and come back to us with concerns like, “My kid is re-learning shapes and colors!”; a subject that our students learn in the 2 year old class… Or, “My kid is so bored. He’s already mastered everything that the other kids are learning!”

Your child has become TOO smart… that’s not a terrible problems to have, right? But why spend the money on an advanced preschool program only for your child to lose a year of education once they enter into Kindergarten? Well, the good news is that you may not have to. 

BTA is now offering a more affordable Kindergarten program, that will provide your child with another year of excellent education! We will teach them the skills they’ll need to rise to the top of their class in grade school and you can watch them soar!   

Benefits of our Kindergarten Program

  • Children are not required by law to attend Kindergarten, in the state of Missouri.

    • This allows us an opportunity to give them that extra boost that will help them to excel throughout grade school.

  • Kindergarten Tuition costs are now at a more affordable rate, for Bell Tower Alumni.

    • $100/week for returning BTA students.

  • BTA provides “student-centered learning” to help students narrow down their ideal learning-style.

    • Once students have found a learning-style that helps them easily understand information, they will see learning as an enjoyable activity instead of a time-consuming task.  In return, this will also help to promote confidence and self-respect. you achieve your personal and professional objectives


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