Raising Hands

K-5th Program

Building Bright Futures

In Bell Tower Academy's K-5th Program our student-centered classrooms keep students engaged by incorporating differentiated instruction, hands-on projects and the integration of technology.  Students receive real-time feedback and know where they stand at any given time.

It is our belief that this perfect combination enables students to excel beyond their grade level to unleash their learning velocities! The teacher becomes a facilitator which allows the students’ ideas and thinking to become the content of learning. This learning environment implements blended learning practices which support critical thinking and collaboration. We find students are more engaged and confident when working together.

It’s not just about using new technology or resources, but rather coming up with a pedagogical approach to meet the diverse needs of all students.


What Is Student-Centered Learning?

A more student-centered approach prepares students for the many distractions of adulthood and allows them to gain an understanding of their own learning style. These are all skills they’ll need throughout their academic career, when no one is looking over their shoulder, forcing them to learn.

It is our goal for students to own their learning, but it is our responsibility to make sure they understand exactly what (standards/skills/learning targets) they need to know and specifically what constitutes proficiency/mastery. Our curriculum and teaching-styles are designed to teach and prepare students how to achieve such skills in a student-centered classroom.


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