Kids Playing Tug of War

Summer Boost Camp 

Get Ahead For Next Year

Our Summer Boost Program provides a fun and enriched learning environment, that has helped countless students, ages 6-12, learn, develop and grow over the Summer months.


Over the summer, children on average lose about two months of math and reading skills due to lack of practice and continued learning.This loss can take a toll on student success, requiring six weeks of class time in the fall to re-teach students forgotten material. Two to three hours per week of learning (at least) is recommended to help students keep their academic skills sharp over the summer and prevent summer brain drain. 

Our Boost Program is a great opportunity to make sure children are getting those two to three hours a week in and more! This will help them retain what they learned the previous year and keep them on track once classes start up again in the fall.


Rest assured, our Summer Boost Camp’s benefits go beyond academics! This is also a great chance for children to continue developing their socialization skills outside of the school year! We provide ample opportunities for them to engage in fun hands-on projects and games, and also remain physically active, each day! Imagine the social and physical health benefits, especially if their summer would have consisted of staying inside most days with Netflix and their PS4...


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